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“Despacito”, first video to exceed 4,000 million hits on YouTube

The video of Despacito, headed by Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, has become the first music project to reach 4,000 million views on YouTube.

In this way, “Despacito”, directed by the Puerto Rican Carlos Perez, has 898 million views more than any other video on the platform.

Similarly, “Despacito” was the first video in YouTube history to reach 3,000 million hits, achieving in just 203 days.

The video has an average of 14 million views a day, and has achieved visits of 25 million in a single day.

“Despacito” is currently also the most watched video in 45 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Argentina.

The video was filmed in the colorful landscape of the San Juan neighborhood of La Perla and in “La Factoría”, an iconic bar in Calle San Sebastián del Viejo San Juan.

As he explained in an interview with Efe, Carlos Perez, of the company Elastic People, it was Fonsi who introduced the theme to him at the end of July last year, and the artist indicated that the video had to include “the colors of Puerto Rico , the spirit, the dance and the sensuality of the music “.

“Despacito”, written by Fonsi and Panamanian Erika Ender, was at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 16 consecutive weeks, in addition to the song being ranked first in at least 89 countries.

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