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Daddy Yankee puts a million of his pocket to help Puerto Rico

Urban singer Daddy Yankee, who plans to travel to Puerto Rico today, announced that he will contribute $ 1 million to organizations helping his native island to overcome the disaster caused by Hurricane Maria.

In a statement released today by its representatives indicates that this contribution will be shared between Feeding America, American Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity and local organizations.

Daddy Yankee has already transferred $ 300,000 to local organizations, The American Red Cross and Feeding America and is now focused on airmail aid to the island.

A spokeswoman for the singer told Efe that she intends to embark on a trip today to Puerto Rico, where this singer, composer and producer was born.

In addition to this money, out of his own pocket, the reggaetonero has collected aid equivalent to more than ten trucks loaded with water, food, medicine, batteries, diapers and other items during the concerts offered last weekend in New York, Chicago and Connecticut.

“As a Puerto Rican who lives on the island, I feel the call, that the reconstruction of my country has to be for the long term.In this initial phase I want to make sure that each person has a plate of food.

In the long term, my commitment is to work to ensure that as many families as possible on the island have a roof, “he said in the statement.

Daddy Yankee will donate the same amount as New York artist of Puerto Rican origin, Jennifer Lopez, who announced last 24 that she will give one million dollars to several organizations dedicated to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The singer joined her ex Marc Anthony to launch the campaign “We are a voice”, which was joined by some thirty artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Vin Diesel, and John Leguizamo, among others, to help the victims of tragedies have affected the Caribbean, the United States and Mexico.

Puerto Rico faces an emergency following the impact of Maria, who left at least 16 dead on the island, while those killed by the September 19 earthquake in Mexico already reach 343.

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