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The Army, proud of the first marine to overcome the officer course

The Army was proud today of the graduation of the first woman to pass the officer training course of the Marine Corps, considered one of the most demanding branches of the Armed Forces.

“Today the first Marine woman has graduated from the officer training course, a hurray for future infantry leaders!” Said the Secretary of Defense in her Twitter account.

The lieutenant, who is one of 88 marines who have passed the training period begun thirteen weeks ago by 131 soldiers, has become the first woman to pass the tests included in one of the hardest courses of the entire Army.

“I am proud of this officer and all those in his promotion who have earned the rank of infantry officer,” Marine Corps Commander General Robert Neller said in a statement.

In December 2015, then-President Barack Obama announced that the Army would now accept the presence of women in all positions, including those related to combat tasks.

Although the Marine Corps was initially the only body to oppose this measure, by 2012 it had already opened the training course for officers to the Marines.

Since then, a total of 32 women tried unsuccessfully to pass a course that, among other tests, requires marches with loads of 40 kilos and numerous climbs with ropes.

The new officer, whose name has not been released by the authorities, will join the First Marine Corps Division, based in Camp Pendleton, California.

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