The Dominican president expresses his “most sincere condolences” to Mexico for the earthquake

Dominican President Danilo Medina expressed his “deepest condolences” to Mexico over the destructive 7.1-magnitude earthquake that affected that country, with a preliminary balance of 139 deaths.

“From the Dominican Republic, our hearts are with you # Mexico,” the governor wrote in his Twitter account.

Medina said that once again, in the face of natural disasters, solidarity and joint action are needed to protect human life and our planet.
“Our deepest condolences to those who today dress in pain after the sudden departure of a beloved relative # Mexico,” added the Caribbean head of state.

In another tweet, Medina said that he joined in “prayer and solidarity” with the Mexican people at a time when nature “tests us.”

Dominican Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas also used Twitter to express his “solidarity and support” to the Mexican people “for the lamentable earthquake that occurred today.

The National Coordinator of Civil Protection of Mexico, Luis Felipe Puente, confirmed that so far “there are 139 deaths”, 64 in Morelos, 36 in the country’s capital, 29 in Puebla, 9 in the State of Mexico and one in Guerrero .

Emergency teams are struggling to rescue people trapped in collapsed buildings in Mexico City amid circulatory chaos that makes it difficult for ambulances to pass and fears of new earthquakes.

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) reported that 3.8 million customers lack electricity supply due to the earthquake.


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