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Golovkin: “Of course I want a rematch because I’m still the champion”

The Kazakh fighter Gennady Golovkin continued without losing his smile after the nil fight he staged tonight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas against Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and said he understood the drama that lives in each fight.

“Boxing is a show of a lot of drama and as such we have to take it to the end,” said Golovkin. “He did not come to value the verdicts, I fight, and I appreciate all the support I have received from the fans and especially from the Kazakhs who came to see me.”

Golovkin, 35, 19 successful defenses of his titles (2010-2017), which this time were three of the middleweight, International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC), the second best streak in boxing history, only surpassed by the 20 of Bernard Hopkins (1995-2005), reiterated that the verdict is not his ruling.

“My responsibility was to give everything in every round and that’s what I did since the fight began,” Golovkin said. “I press him from start to finish and I think he was superior.”

The best test of this reality was given by fans who filled the capacity of the T-Mobile Arena, which began with the cry of “Canelo, Canelo, Canelo …!” And as the fight progressed they changed it to “GGG, GGG , GGG … “.

To the concrete question of if it won the fight, Golovkin with its direct language remembered that still in possession of all the belts.

“I am still a champion, I have not lost any of the belts and therefore nothing has changed,” said Golovkin, who like “Canelo” said to be willing to revenge. “Of course I want a rematch because what we have performed tonight has been a real fight.”

For his part, Golovkin coach, Mexican Abel Sanchez said he was not surprised by the way the events took place inside the ring and the verdict.
“No surprise,” said Sanchez. “We knew with what we were going to face for this fight, that could be the war.”

While promoter Oscar De La Hoya, owner of Golden Boy Promotions, who bears the interests of Alvarez, said his client had won 7-5 the fight.

But what she could not explain is how Judge Adelaide Byrd, who has worked in fights since 1997 with 442 under her belt, saw Alvarez winning 10 of the 12 rounds (118-110 points).

What he wanted to talk about was work on the possibility of a rematch and the economic success that left the box office fight over 30 million dollars and more than two million sale for pay television with 80 dollars per person.

While the boxers took just eight million dollars guaranteed with their bags, to be distributed, five for Alvarez and two that received Golovkin.

The irony or insult about this money is to see that on August 26th for the “circus” and “farce” that starred Floyd Mayweather junior and Conor McGregor, the former had a guaranteed $ 100 million bag and the second of 35, to the margin all that they can win by the rights of the sale of the pay television.

Hence, the score offered by Byrd made a great fight that was already part of the history of boxing also become another black spot in the world of a sport that is always involved in “suspicions”, ” scandals “and” lack of control “by the authorities themselves.

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