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Irma Degraded to Tropical Storm near Florida’s West Coast

Irma degraded herself today in a tropical storm as she heads north along the west coast of Florida, the US National Hurricane Center (CNH) reported.

In the 12.00 GMT (8 o’clock) ticket, the CNH said that Irma, which had already weakened before a category 1, had maximum sustained winds of 70 miles per hour.

The storm is located 30 miles northeast of Cedar Key and moves at 18 miles per hour heading north-west, a tray that is expected to continue through Tuesday.

Throughout the day, Irma will move near the northwest coast of Florida, cross the Panhandle, the most continental area of ​​the peninsula, and arrive in southern Georgia during the afternoon, according to the CNH.

A long night of today and Tuesday moved southwest to Georgia and eastern Alabama.

Irma still presents strong gusts of wind but is expected a progressive weakening and that Tuesday afternoon and the sea a tropical depression.

However, Irma’s hurricane force winds even sit within 60 miles of its center, especially in the western part, and winds with tropical storm force extend up to 415 miles.

The CNH eased some of the early warnings and warnings for various areas of Florida.

However, he warned of the danger of cyclonic swells that can swamp dry areas near the coast habitually. At some points, this surge may raise sea levels between 2 and 6 feet (0.1 and 1.83 meters).

Prior to arriving in the United States, Irma, who reached category 5 (the maximum of the Saffir Simpson scale) and a larger size of the Florida peninsula, passed through several islands of the Caribbean, the last one of them Cuba, where it caused 10 deaths

Before passing through Cuba, he left a plait of dead and substantial material damages in the islands.

On Sunday, he landed in the Florida Keys, a group of islands and islets located between the peninsula and northern Cuba, where early reports indicate that material damage may be significant and that there may have been fatalities.

So far there have been three confirmed deaths of Irma in Florida, but ABC reported on Thursday of other victims, who, like the others, were spotted in traffic accidents, according to their own sources.

More than 3.8 million people are without electricity in the state, according to the latest figures from the Florida Office of Disaster Management, although figures from utilities are slightly higher.

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