At least 8 dead and 2 wounded in a shootout in the US

At least eight people were killed and two others wounded in a shootout Sunday night in a house in Plano, a suburb north of Dallas, Texas, police said.

Among those killed is the alleged assailant, shot down by a police officer who came to the apartment after a citizen’s warning, while the wounded were evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment.

“We are investigating the motive,” police officer David Tilley said, adding that at the moment the relationship between the victims and the alleged perpetrator is unknown, although they are all adults.

The agent who fired the alleged shooter, with whom he started on entering the house and met with the mortal victims, has been given an administrative discharge pending investigation of the event, a protocolary decision in this type of cases, said Tilley to the USA Today newspaper.

The shooting occurred shortly after 8 pm local time (1.00 GMT on Monday), the source added.

A woman working near the scene of the shooting, Crystal Sugg, told local media that she saw a man and a woman arguing outside the house.

After the argument, the woman returned to the house and the man followed with a weapon.

Sugg heard many shots, between 30 and 40, of what seemed to sound like an automatic weapon.

According to local media, who cite neighbors as sources, the victims watched a game of the Texas football team Dallas Cowboys when violence broke out.

“I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve never heard anything like this,” said Agent Tilley.


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