Florida Governor Calls on Trump for Irma’s Disaster Statement

Florida Gov. Rick Scott today called on US President Donald Trump to file a disaster declaration in the state for Hurricane Irma, which would allow federal funds to come in.

In a press conference and after talking on the phone with Trump, Scott explained that this measure would help “bring important federal resources and help Florida.”

“We have been working closely with the federal government to ensure that Floridians have the resources they need in the face of this storm,” he said.

Trump today signed the disaster declaration in Puerto Rico and extended federal aid to the same statement Thursday for the US Virgin Islands, hit hard by the hurricane.

The director of Florida’s Emergency Management Office, Bryan Koon, explained that federal aid would be very useful to assist citizens as soon as the storm passes.

The funds would also be an important contribution to local and state agencies in the post-hurricane reconstruction task, as well as to charitable organizations.

Powerful Hurricane Irma has left more than 1.5 million customers in Florida, or 15 percent of the total, after running ashore in the Keys, the southeastern tip of the United States.

This is indicated in the latest balance sheet, 11.45 local time (15.45 GMT), the state’s Office of Emergency Management, which updates it throughout the day in your Twitter account.

Irma continued her unstoppable advance into the mainland of Florida, where her effects were felt from several hours before her arrival in the form of floods, rising sea levels and strong winds.

So far, at least three people have died in Florida as a result of adverse weather conditions triggered by Irma, currently a Category 3 hurricane.

Before arriving in Florida and with category 5, the cyclone caused about 30 deaths and substantial material damage as it passed through the Caribbean.


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