Google launches a digital collection dedicated to Latin culture in the USA.

The art, culture and history of Latinos are the protagonists of a digital collection presented today by Google as part of its platform and application “Google Arts & Culture”.

Under the title “Latino Cultures in the U.S.”, this digital collection has the collaboration of 50 institutions such as museums, libraries and archives throughout the country, Google said in a statement.

“Latino Cultures in the U.S.” encompasses 4,300 documents related to Hispanics and more than 90 multimedia exhibitions, which are available in English and Spanish.

It also includes virtual tours for iconic Latino venues in the United States such as Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood or Little Havana in Miami.

“This new digital collection preserves and shares stories and exhibits related to the history, art and culture of Latinos in the United States, content that has traditionally been underrepresented both on the network and beyond.” .

Among the available exhibits are the American Television Archive on Latinos in the entertainment industry and the Smithsonian Latino Center on Latin America.

Also the LGBT collections of the Center for Research of Chicano Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles and the one that presents the history of the missions in the State Archives of California.


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