The CNCO group injects its “positive letters” reggaeton for youth

The CNCO group combines their international tour with the preparation of their second work, in which the artists try to speak to their generation with a reggaetón loaded with positive lyrics.

“We try to carry very clean lyrics for youth, for our generations,” said one of the members, Zabdiel de Jesús, during a press conference in the Mexican capital.

The interpreters consider that the genre reggaeton, usually associated with irreverent letters, can allow to speak of the good things of the life.

“Our genre has very positive lyrics, we make letters talking to love, talking to a girl or our friends,” said Richard Camacho, another member.

Of Jesus, of Puerto Rican origin, denied that the youth of today is lost, claiming that “there are many young people with many dreams”.

The group is “trying to represent Latino youth around the world,” he added.

The quintet has found followers in very different places like Israel, Europe or Brazil. His single “Reggaetón Lento” has already surpassed the billion visitors on Youtube.

De Jesus considered that each genre has its time and this, without a doubt, is being “the time of reggaeton”.

He also thanked Luis Fonsi for his “Despacito” success, as it “opened the doors of reggaeton”, making many Latin artists gain visibility in the rest of the world.

The band takes advantage of its diversity of nationalities to achieve a distinctive and own rhythm that is seen in hits like “Hey DJ”, which earned them the recognition “Double Platinum + Gold”.

“It makes us different that we bring different cultures like Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico,” said Camacho.

In turn, the Puerto Rican emphasized in the fact that not only can they make reggaeton, since the band is also trying to experiment with “merengue, ballad, pop-rock” and even incorporate electronic repertoire.

Their successful debut album, “Primera cita”, earned them the recognition of the music magazine Billboard as the Latin premiere of biggest sales in 2016.

Their second album is in preparation with the launch announced for 2018.

CNCO is currently on tour with its “Más Alá Tour”, which includes dates in the United States, Spain or Italy, as well as covering several shows in Latin American countries.

The youth will be in the National Auditorium of Mexico on November 12.


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