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Microsoft Defends Importance of DACA Undocumented Program

Technology giant Microsoft today defended the immigration relief program for undocumented youth DACA, as rumors have surfaced that President Donald Trump intends to revoke it.

Fox News reported today that Trump could announce this “Friday, soon” the end of the DACA program to protect thousands of undocumented youth from deportation.

Promoted by ex-president Barack for Obama in 2012, this program has allowed to stop the deportation of 800,000 undocumented young people who arrived at the USA. of children, who are known as “dreamers” (dreamers) and those who endowed with work permits.

In the face of Trump’s alleged intentions to end DACA, Microsoft President Brad Smith today posted a letter on the company’s blog entitled “Dreamers” make our country and our communities stronger. ”

“Ending DACA will dramatically alter the lives of these people (the dreamers) who volunteered to register for the federal government. They could lose their jobs and risk deportation,” Smith said.

The president of Microsoft stressed that, in addition to the huge economic losses that would cause in the country, the end of DACA would also mean giving up the talent and capabilities of these young people.

“They are part of our nation’s universities and work in every major industry,” Smith said.

The executive said that there are 27 DACA beneficiaries at Microsoft, including software engineers, finance personnel, or sales employees.

“It’s not just our peers but our friends, our neighbors and valued members of the Microsoft community,” he added.

Therefore, the president of Microsoft advocated not only to keep DACA but to seek “a permanent solution” so that undocumented young people can stay in the country and continue to contribute to the prosperity of the nation.

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