They discover that red tomato extract reverses inflammation of the prostate

Mexican researchers have discovered that the red tomato lipid extract reverses Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate, the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) reported today.

In addition to reduced organ growth, “the ability to regenerate cellular microarchitecture of the prostate, a decrease in markers of oxidative stress and normalization of blood pressure was observed,” the institution said in a statement.

This lipid extract of tomato has been extensively studied for its anticancer effects, among which is the decrease in metastasis in prostate cancer.

The discovery came as a result of experimentation with laboratory rats for three months, previously induced by HPB.

By applying the extract, “its ability to reduce inflammation and growth of this organ was observed.”

The symptoms of BPH are varied and range from urinary retention, difficulty or pain during urination to the repeated feeling of wanting to urinate without success.

Prostatic inflammation originates from “a series of cellular alterations, which – among other effects – causes the growth of this gland, pressing the urethra.

The Cinvestav warns that the benefits are obtained through the extract already processed and standardized, “since you can regulate the dose properly.”

“Sometimes it is thought that in order to achieve beneficial effects of a phytopharmaceutical, it is only necessary to consume large quantities of the fruit, in this case the tomato, which is not correct,” he said.

Hyperplasia is a condition that occurs in the majority of men over 40 years, and is exacerbated among patients with obesity. If your symptoms are not treated properly, in some cases may require surgery.


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