Rivera, Juan Pablo Sánchez and “Armillita 1V” eared in San Luis Potosí

With a lot of atmosphere and an entrance that surpassed the three quarters of the capacity, the Mexicans Fermín Rivera, Juan Pablo Sánchez and Fermín Espinosa “Armillita 1V” were distributed four ears in which has been the second run of the Fair in the San Luis Potosí, in central Mexico.

Six bulls of the Bernaldo de Quiróz cattle ranch were dealt with, correct of weights and that have been manageable in general lines, emphasizing the corrido in third place.
Rivera made his presence felt with a calm and elegant bullfight, in the first he heard palms and was overcome in the room obtaining an ear.

Sánchez, on the second of the afternoon, showed the temperament of his stroke, to be cheered better in the fifth in fretfulness with temper and dimension, ear with request of another not granted.

“Armillita 1V” with the third was bullfighter with a job of good quality that went very well. Lunge and two ears. And in the sixth, decided to listen to nourished palms.


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