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Banda Los Recoditos talk about ways to live love on new album

Banda Los Recoditos publishes today its new album, “The likes that I give”, in which they talk about the ways to live and to “suffer” the love between the Latins, be they of big cities or of the rural zones.

The record work of 11 songs distributed by Universal Music Latin and Fonovisa, which is on sale in stores and digital download sites, has as its first promotional cut, “I Do not Need You”, a song that “touches those emotional fibers inside Of hearts, “said the vocalist of the band Luis Franco.

The disc is in a way a dissertation about the ways in which Latinos, whether from the United States or from one of the countries of America, live the love, although at the time of ending a relationship suffers in the same way, according to Franco said.

“This society is cold, but Latinos do not change and although social networks project that they are having a good time, as soon as they stop transmitting video with their cell phone, they grab a big cry for love,” he said.

The Mexican group, which jumped to popularity following the publication in 2010 of the song “Ando bien pedo”, has published a new collection of unpublished songs that somehow reflect “the different ways to suffer a heartbreak”, either in regions Rural or in large cities.

“If a man of town ends his first love and has nothing else to distract, because he nails, gets to drink and wants to die,” said the singer.

“Someone in the city or in the US is more distracted, finds interesting things to do, which ultimately do not help to forget that person, but if they help to cope a little,” he said.

Meanwhile, Samuel Sarmiento, another of the vocalists of Los Recoditos, told Efe that in terms of ways to “suffer a love” in Mexico there are generational differences.

“In the generation of our grandparents and our parents at the end of a relationship they used to stay at home, like mourning, now young people, with social networks, know more girls or guys fast,” said Sarmiento.

Photograph taken on Thursday, August 17, 2017, showing Luis Ángel Franco (left) and Samuel Sarmiento (right), vocalists of the Mexican group Banda Los Recoditos, during a meeting with the press at the headquarters of Universal Music Latin, In Hollywood, California. EFE

The feelings are the same, “but it is no longer exactly the same culture as before in the villages,” he said.

The Banda los Recoditos, composed of 16 members, was created in 1989 by music students in Mazatlan, Mexico, and has 21 recorded records.

This Thursday he gave a concert in Spanish, with all the themes of “The likes that I give myself”, from the roof of the emblematic building of Capitol Records in Hollywood, California, and that was transmitted by social networks.

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