Trump warns Kim that he “will regret it fast” if he attacks the US or an ally

President Donald Trump warned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that he “will regret it quickly” if he attacks Guam Island, any other US territory or an ally of the country.

“If he does anything about Guam or any other place that is US territory or against any US ally, he will really regret it and regret it quickly,” Trump said today in brief remarks to the press at his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey ).

Trump, who has spent days of escalating nuclear rhetoric with Kim, said he expected the North Korean leader to understand “the full gravity” of his words and said the Is evaluating “very carefully” military options.

The president made the remarks after being asked by a Twitter message he posted hours earlier with the expression “locked and loaded”, which refers to a loaded, ready-to-fire pistol to describe US military preparations.

“What I said is what I want to say, so I hope you understand exactly what I said and the meaning of those words, those words are very, very easy to understand,” he said.

“This man is not going to get his way with what he is doing,” Trump said in the face of threats by the North Korean leader to launch two missiles into the waters off the island of Guam, a US territory and home to a strategic naval base. Peaceful.

Asked about the position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel against a military solution to the conflict with North Korea, Trump said that perhaps “she is speaking for Germany.”

“Let her speak for Germany, she is a friend of mine, she is a very good person, she is a very good woman, she is a friend of Ivanka, maybe she is referring to Germany. .

On criticism of his harsh rhetoric against North Korea, which he threatened with “fire and fury” if he pursued his threats, Trump charged those who questioned his language.

“My critics say that because I am, if someone said the same words would say ‘what a wonderful statement,” he said.

“We have tens of millions of people who are so happy with what I’m saying because we finally have a president who defends the nation and its allies,” he added.

Despite Trump’s harsh assertions, the White House and the Pentagon dismissed today that there has been no change in the US military posture.


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