Garibay and Macias cut ears in the first of San Luis Potosí

Mexicans Ignacio Garibay and Arturo Macías, cut one ear each, tonight in the first run of the fair in San Luis Potosi, central Mexico, while his countrymen, the rejoneador Sebastián Torre and Fabian Barba left empty.

With two thirds of entry in warm night, a bull of Bernaldo de Quiróz was fought for rejones and six of José Julián Llaguno, a lot with rennet, but with difficulties for the bullfighters.

Torre, with whom he opened the square, had a decent performance and heard the respectable palms. Ovation the potosinos forcados by a superb paste.

Garibay, with the first of the ordinary fight, has been firm and performed an interesting task to cut an ear. The room did not give the same opportunities, its work was silenced.

Barba, always cheerful and with desires, got the most out of the second and was rewarded with exit to the third. With the brave fifth and silence.

Macías, toreros flashes with cloak and crutch, without rounding. Killed soon to receive applause. It was surpassed in the sixth, with a labor of delivery and to reap another deserved ear.


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