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Anti-Smoking foundation pays tribute to actor Victor Cámara in Miami

FUNDACOT and Unicaribe College were the entities that realized the Tribute to the actor, who also was distinguished by the city of Miami.

Jose Rosario |

Miami, Florida.- The EB Hotel dressed up and thrilled with the great homage paid to the actor Victor Cámara of the Dominican American Anti-Smoking Foundation, FUNDACOT and Unicaribe College, which had the debut for the first time in Miami by the young music artist Pop Juan Pino.

Victor Cámara, a well-known Venezuelan actor, son of Dominican parents, was honored for his long and successful actoral career in addition to his social work with several non-profit organizations including FUNDACOT, an entity that has done an immense task of raising awareness among people especially Young people on how to get away and keep children from the damage caused by tobacco and smoke.

This mission was initiated about eleven years ago by her mentor, the journalist Dellanira Herasme Florian, who in 2014 presented in Miami and Broward “Víctimas del Tabaco USA” with an exhibition of paintings by famous plastic artists who lent their talent and shaped With his brush images showing the different diseases caused by smoking and its derivatives.

The exhibition was presented at the Juan Pablo Duarte Park and schools in Dade and Broward, culminating in a large activity supported by Victor Cámara at the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Miami. These paintings remained for two weeks in that Dominican governmental institution.

The event

The event tribute to actor Victor Cámara began after 7:20 pm with a cocktail reception in the luxurious lobby of the EB Hotel, Miami Springs, moderated by the well-known Dominican journalist Stephanie Severino, who for several years informed us all The days on the weather in the city of Miami when he worked for the prestigious UNIVISION Chain.

Currently Stephanie is the assistant to the mayor of Carlos A. Giménez County. His teammate for this mission to moderate this great activity was the young Cuban American Danell Leyva, winner of two silver medals for USA in the Olympic Games of RIO 2016. The words of thanks and welcome were in charge of José Rosario, director Of International Public Relations and who was responsible for the organization of the event.

Before 8:00 a.m. and the activity announced that success was guaranteed as the hotel was lit up with a parade of actresses, actors, artists and personalities from all walks of life who came together to pay tribute to Victor Cámara, An icon of the novels and who was one of the most sought-after gallants and liked by the public throughout Latin America and the United States.

In the decades of the 70s, and end of the 80 and 90s. His starring role in the world-renowned novel Topaz was the one that immortalized him, as it marked the meteoric takeoff of his brilliant career that continues to this day in the minds of all lovers of novels.

In this tribute the actor, his family and the select public, enjoyed all the surprises that the organizers prepared. One of those magical moments was a recount in videos of scenes from several novels that made him famous and marked the guidelines of his life. However the surprise he enjoyed most was to see his younger daughter the artist Samantha Camera, who accompanied the guest artist of the night.

The young American singer-songwriter Juan Pino and in the midst of applause delighted the honoree with the duo songs of Caraluna and Shape of You. Then Samantha performed her most recent song ‘Me Voy’; Juan Pino interpreted the theme ‘Into This Evening’, a subject that is giving much to talk about the connoisseurs of music in Miami and that is part of his first production that soon will hit the market. In this song his sister Giulianna Pino accompanied him in the middle of a great ovation of the public.

Then, Dellanira Herasme, President of FUNDACOT, after thanking those present spoke about the distance of children from tobacco and its smoke, as well as the need to make future generations aware of the harm and death caused by Tobacco consumption and called for the city of Miami to be declared smoke-free.

Then the actor received the recognition plate by Dellanira Herasme and José Rosario of FUNDACOT and Rosemary Santana and José Aybar son on behalf of the Rector José Alejandro Aybar of Unicaribe College. José Ramon Alvarez, assistant of the mayor of Miami, Tomas Regalado, presented Victor Cámara with a proclamation as a distinguished resident of the city for his contribution to Hispanic culture and social work.

On his side the actor thanked the recognition and said that there is still a long way to go in his career of acting. He also gave the exclusive of his television program ‘After Chambers with Camera’ that soon will air in Latin America and that wants to bring the country this year. Victor then invited everyone present to take a Selfie with him.


The tribute was attended by many personalities from the world of entertainment, social and business among them: the wife of actor Ivette Cámara, her daughters Yaqui and Samantha Cámara, her brother the famed actor Carlos Cámara, actors Mike Montgomerie, Michael Bohrer, Tony Garza, Edward Mena, Eleazar Mora; In addition to the Venezuelan actress Nickelodeon, Estefany Oliveira, Spanish actress Eugenia Sanchez, Dominican actress Wendy Regalado, who although could not be present sent a message from New York where she is signing her film Yeni. Also, Laura Crespo DJ Law and the Colombian singer-songwriter Nacho Londono.

Among the personalities are the American Ecuadorian gymnast Giulianna Pino, Irene Lopez, Director of Public Relations of Juan & Nelson, Isidro Made Ogando, President PRD Miami, Maritza Guevara Sánchez found love bonds and smiles, and also top executives of the Ronald Mcdonald Foundation , Eliza Rosa de PR Hello Latinos, Jorge Gonzalez, President of Gastronomy Magazine, Irina Herrera International Chef, Dominican designer Felix Suriel, Emiliano Arias – Adidas Originals, store managerte among others.


The sponsors that made this event a reality are: the main sponsor of the event was the company Save the Date Miami, and its president Cynthia Alcivar, in addition to Convergia inc. In the person of Mr. Jose Jouvin, the newspaper El Sol de la Florida and the station El Sol 105fm of Orlando and its president Marcos A. Tejeda, Tax Dream, Ron Barceló, in the person of Brayan Peña, The Wellness Center of London Square And its President Robert Sanchez, Quadra Group and the architect Rodolfo Pou, as well as Geraldo Guillen, Victor Mendez, Director of Public Relations at the Ana G. Mendez University, Agustín Rangugni, Director of RadioTV Miami, Sandra Fernandez and Glenda Rivera Lopez Of the program “Te Pegaste” and the Photographer of Celebrities Bruce Smith.

Samantha Camara and Juan Pino as they delight those present with two songs to duet. (Photo: Bruce Smith)

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