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Sarah Huckabee Sanders to replace Spicer as White House spokeswoman

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, until now Deputy White House spokeswoman, will be the next executive head of the press following today’s resignation of Sean Spicer at the head of the portavocía.

Spicer resigned today, although he will continue to hold until the end of August, after the appointment of businessman Anthony Scaramucci as director of communications of the White House by President Donald Trump, a decision on the expressed deep disagreement.

In fact, it was Scaramucci himself who today, at his first press conference, announced the appointment of Sanders as the White House’s new spokesperson.

Scaramucci also had words of thanks for Spicer, who acknowledged his work in front of correspondents’ questions and wanted “to make large amounts of money” outside the Government.

The government of Donald Trump faces serious problems with the press, since, in addition to the direct clashes he has staged, he has made public on several occasions his disagreement with how the White House manages its relationship with journalists.

At the end of May, Trump threatened to end the executive’s press conferences, something that has not materialized, although it has considerably reduced the number of meetings of its spokespersons with the press, which now mostly take place without presence Of cameras.

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