Frequent urinary tract infections can lead to kidney damage

At least 60% of the population suffers at some point in their life urinary tract infections, a condition that can occur up to three times a year and can affect the kidney, a specialist said on Friday.

“If there is a fever, it may be a pyelenephritis, a direct damage to the kidney that, if left untreated, can lead to insufficiency,” said Rubén Santoyo, deputy director of the Specialty Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Jalisco .

Urine infection is caused by the invasion of microorganisms in the urinary tract and can occur either through the urethra or through the bloodstream.

The specialist explained that this problem, which in 85% of cases occurs in women, ranks among the 10 most frequent reasons for consultation in Hospital Units of Social Security.

Santoyo explained that when you have discomfort such as pain or burning when urinating and frequent urge to go to the bathroom should be a general examination of urine or a urine culture if it is recurrent urinary infections.

In the latter case, it should be treated properly and in a timely manner to avoid a kidney failure problem.

According to data from the expert, in more than 80% of cases the bacteria responsible is called E.Coli.

To avoid this condition, he recommended not to take the urge to urinate, drink plenty of liquids, preferably natural water, maintain hygiene in the intimate area, be careful when using public toilets and wearing cotton underwear.

Also, if there are frequent urinary tract infections, studies are needed to rule out the presence of kidney stones. Likewise, self-medication should be avoided.


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