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They find in Mexico property in which the Zetas incinerated people in “narcococinas”

Relatives of disappeared persons and experts of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (PGR) of Mexico found a property in the state of Tamaulipas that was used by the Zetas cartel to disappear hundreds of people in “narco-cocaine”, reported a Civil font

“We made a location of points where we found many burned remains,” said Edith Perez, representative of “Voice and Dignity for Us”, an organization that groups 60 families of missing people from the state of San Luis Potosi (center).

The operation began on Monday, July 17 and concluded on Wednesday, June 19. Participants included agents from the Specialized Office of Investigation of Organized Crime of the PGR, the Anti-Secession Group of Tamaulipas, and anthropologists and forensic experts from the prosecution and three civil organizations.

Perez said it was a point that the PGR was aware of because Enrique Santillán, capo Zeta of the region who is detained in a maximum security prison, confessed that his organization had killed more than 500 people who were incinerated in several “narco” In the municipality of Gómez Farías.

“On this occasion the experts collected 25 remains, only the largest, and will return to work in the area in the coming weeks,” said Pérez, who is looking for five of his relatives who disappeared on a road in Tamaulipas (northeast) in 2012 .

More than a year ago the PGR was already working in other lands in that area, where bone remains were collected corresponding to 29 bodies.

Efe asked the PGR for information on the total number of human remains located in those areas, but the agency responded that “the information requested is strictly reserved” in accordance with article 13 of the Federal Law on Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information .

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