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Luis Fonsi joins the social initiative “La Perla paints his future”

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi has decided to join the project “La Perla paints his future”, which seeks to improve the appearance of several facades and develop a community company in the sector of the same name of Old San Juan.

La Perla is reflected in the video of the famous song played by Fonsi, “Despacito”

In a statement released today, the company in charge of the artist’s career, TM Entertainment, says that the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter “decided to join the program and collaborate with them in their mission to restore, beautify and enhance this emblematic sector located in the area Historic of San Juan “.

At the request of the interpreter, “their management office visited La Perla to meet their needs and they are immersed in the process of defining and developing the project that will work together with the Community Board of Directors.”

Soon, they added, it will be announced what will be the participation of the singer, who is currently presenting his concert tour “Love and Dance” in Portugal and Spain.

Following the success of “Despacito” are many tourists who visit the place to see closely where the video of the song was shot, which was attended by renowned urban music singer Daddy Yankee and the exMiss Universe Zuleyka Rivera.

“This in turn has given way to foster the economic development of the community with the creation of a microenterprise to offer guided tours,” the statement said.

“The residents of ‘La Perla’ demonstrated that when we unite for a common good, there are no limits. I congratulate you and for that reason I join this effort, it is important that the whole world knows about these initiatives that strengthen us as a people.
“La Perla” is an important part of the success of “Despacito”, said Fonsi, according to the note.

For her part, Yashira Gómez, president of the Community Board of “La Perla”, thanked “infinitely” Luis Fonsi, “join the Pearl in this initiative to share with the world the beauty and history of a unique community in Puerto Rich, proud of its roots that shows the capacity and will to overcome all the challenges that this town has. ”

“La Perla paints its future” is a project that has united several sectors with the purpose of uplifting this sanjuanera community that has been marginalized.

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