US Senate Committee Calls for Trump’s Son to Be Linked to Russia

The Senate Judiciary Committee will convene Donald Trump Jr., the eldest of country’s President Donald Trump, to testify for his alleged attempts to have Russia benefit his father in the election, Chuck Grassley’s chairman said today.

The Republican senator from Iowa told CNN that his commission members wanted Trump Jr. to clarify the e-mails he posted this week, showing his interest in meeting with a Russian lawyer allegedly linked to the Kremlin he hoped Remove damaging information for Hillary Clinton, then rival of his father in the fight by the White House.

According to public radio NPR, Grassley intends Donald Trump Jr. to appear in public session before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week and will send him a subpoena if necessary.

The Iowa Republican senator said on Wednesday he wanted President Paul Manafort’s former campaign chief, investigated for Russian interference in the 2016 election, to testify before the committee next week for the same case as well.

For his part, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, today agreed that it is necessary that the firstborn of the president testify in Congress to bring light to the disclosed.

This new crisis gives wings and arguments to investigations into a possible collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the outcome of the November US election, a case that is in the hands of the independent special prosecutor and former FBI director, Robert Mueller.

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