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India says rappers are not singers

The Puerto Rican salsa artist Linda Viera Caballero, better known as La India, affirmed today to the program “I Know Everything” of Wapa TV, that rappers are not singers and that to call them that way, it lacks the respect to vocalists like her.

“People say that rappers are singers and they are not. I consider it a disrespect for those of us who are real singers,” La India told the space, according to a statement released by the show.

During the interview, the singer said she reflected on the changes that the music industry has faced in recent years.

In turn, said she is grateful to tropical music, according to the statement of the space of said television channel.

“I am grateful because the sauce gives me to eat,” he added.

“I considered hip hop to be born.I do not consider rappers singers.I consider them to be rappers, because singing is born with the gift from tuning with a guitar without detune, to chapel and to endure notes that come from the soul,” he said. India.

He also said he wants to make a living.

“I’ve always been a bit shy, I know that the day I talk about the things I’ve suffered, people are going to suffer because it’s like throwing them in the middle,” she said.

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