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Nuria Fergó wants to succeed in America and begins the road in Puerto Rico

The Spanish singer Nuria Fergó, who rose to fame in the first edition of the contest Operation Triumph 2001, wants to succeed in Latin America starting with Puerto Rico, where she presents her simple “Dancing under the Rain” theme of 2016.

The 38-year-old artist said in an interview with Efe that one of her goals for years is to succeed in Latin America and that she knows she will get it, a task for which she will start in Puerto Rico, a very Linked to his first years of career and where he won several awards.

“One of my dreams is to succeed in Latin America and I will get it,” said Fergó, who spends a few days vacationing on the Caribbean island in which he has taken advantage to promote “Dancing in the Rain” in local media.

“I have always been treated in Puerto Rico with a lot of affection,” said the singer, who in 2003 won the title of Queen of the Bay at the Song Festival of San Juan de Puerto Rico, participated in the film “La playa Red “by Fernando Díaz and received the Garita Award.

Fergó recalled that his popularity in those years in Puerto Rico was so great that he became an image on the Caribbean island of the Burger King fast food chain.

The artist said that “Dancing in the Rain” is a “pop” that is perfect for the Puerto Rican public and other countries of the continent, although she said she likes to play all kinds of musical styles, including boleros, copla, rancheras or Also something closer to the disco sound.

As for the possibility of performing live in Puerto Rico pointed out that it is an option that he would love, but that will depend on the offers he can receive.

He recalled in this regard that a possible performance in Puerto Rico could be in an intimate concert format with piano and voice, although he said that there is the possibility of acting presenting Andalusian song or rancheras, as it does in Spain.

“He tried to live day by day, but I would like to act on this side of the ‘puddle’,” said the artist born in the town of Nerja in Nerja.

Fergó said she feels prepared for the challenge of Latin America, where she has worked in Ecuador in the past.

As for the future in general, he said that in Spain he will continue with his performances, both rancheras and other styles, something that has been doing for 15 years thanks to a popularity that has not remitted even though many years have passed since Made known to the general public in the 2011 edition of Operation Triumph.

“Although I have not taken a record for 7 years, people still recognize me and come to greet me on the street, it’s very comforting,” said the Andalusian interpreter.

Although 2001 is far away, Fergó points out that he is still in contact with the majority of the members of that well-known edition of that contest and that the relationship stays optimum with his companions.

“Today, thanks to new technologies, we keep everyone in touch, we have a group of ‘WhatsApp’ that allows us to stay in touch and know each other and what we are doing at any moment,” said the singer.

Fergó said that he will take advantage of his stay in Puerto Rico to record a track on an album by local flamenco singer Ana del Rocío, a collaboration he said he is very excited about.

The artist wants to take advantage of her stay in Puerto Rico to spend a few days on vacation, which will end on July 7, for which she is accompanied on her island trip by her mother, who also accompanied her in 2003 when she came by First time to this Caribbean territory.

The singer released her first album “Brisa de esperanza” in 2002, followed by “Locura” (2003), “Paketenteres” (2005) and “Añoranzas” (2007) and Tierra de nadie (2009).

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