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The Warriors, with Curry and Durant to the front, are cheered in a multitudinal parade

The party continued today in the streets of Oakland, where thousands of fans cheered the new NBA champions, Golden State Warriors, who star Stephen Curry and forward Kevin Durant participated in the tribute parade To obtaining his second league title in three years.

Owners, managers, players and four Warriors coach paraded for several hours through downtown Oakland, where they will be until the 2019 season, when they are planning to open a new field in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The whole entourage, after being cheered by the thousands of fans who gathered in the streets of downtown Oakland from four in the morning, finished his tour at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, where the protagonists of the triumph took the floor sports.

Curry took on one of the busses discovered the championship trophy Larry O’Brien, along with his wife and children, without abandoning the already popular pure cigar with which it appears in the hand.

The winner of two consecutive MVP awards in the league got off the bus and shared with fans who were given the popular “high-fives” to collide the fully open hand.

While Durant, who won his first league title after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1 in the finals of the best of seven, paraded on another bus with his mother and the MVP Trophy, Which he achieved in the Finals.

As usual, the player who attracted the most attention and generated the controversy was the power-forward Draymond Green, who appeared in the parade with a shirt that had the logo of Quicken Loans – company of Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert , And the main sponsor of his field – and changed the text to ‘Quickie’ and also had the trophy Larry O’Brien.

Green with the jersey made fun of the Cavaliers for only reaching five games against the Warriors in the Finals as he explained.

Steve Kerr (r), the Golden State Warriors coach, was booked Thursday to greet several fans during the American Basketball Champions Parade in Oakland, California.

“The Q, so it’s called the arena of those guys, and we get them out of here quick with the trophy,” Green told the NBC Sports Bay Area. “Quickie.”

Green said garbage was his idea, but Warriors’ director of training, Nick U’Ren, was responsible for taking the idea and executing it.
“We really did it in Cleveland, what do you think?” Green asked mockingly.

As always, his idea went unnoticed by anyone inside the team, including coach Steve Kerr, who said he had taken note of the shirt worn by the player.
“Sometimes I get tired of doing the humble,” Kerr said. “I want to be more like Draymond. Look at his shirt, I love Draymond,” he joked.

More seriously, Kerr said he was proud of the entire team because of the way they responded after their disappointment last season when they let out a 3-1 lead to lose the title to the Cavaliers.

Kerr then reiterated that within the team what has always been a group of players who worked hard every day to overcome.

“Certainly we have quality and talent, but the key to our success and what we can achieve in the future will be thanks to the hard work that everyone within this model organization do every day,” said Kerr, who has already confirmed continuity with the team For the next season.

Kerr also had time to joke with fans he said he “expected more people on the streets” after seeing the full crowded streets in the city center.

Like Kerr, the rest of the players who took the floor to address the fans, reiterated that their promise will be to give everything in the field so that the city of Oakland is at the top because it will always be something special.

“Oakland represents us all,” Kerr said. “Here you have people of every race, color, religion, creed, whatever they are and they all come together, come together and love this team.”

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