Most Republicans want to maintain policies on Cuba, according to survey

Most Republican voters want to maintain former President Barack Obama’s policies toward Cuba, according to a poll released today by Engage Cuba, which favors a bilateral approach.

64% of Republican voters support maintaining Obama’s changes in US policy toward Cuba, while only 22% oppose, according to the survey, made between May 23 and May 25 to 1,973 voters.

That figure is similar to that of the entire country, with 65% of US voters supporting continue Obama’s policy, compared to the 18% that opposes.

Asked about the lifting of the trade and financial embargo on Cuba – something that depends on Congress, controlled by Republicans – 55% of voters in that party support it, compared to 26% who oppose.

Regarding this issue, 61% were in favor and 19% against, according to the study, prepared by Morning Consult and with a margin of error of 2 percent.

“It is rare in this poisoned political environment that there is a matter that unites Republicans, Democrats and independents.” The overwhelming support of the American people to continue the policy of relationship with Cuba should serve as a warning signal to President Trump, “said the president of Engage Cuba, James Williams, in a note.

The decision to “reverse these policies that have overwhelming support” would only mean, he opined, that there is “a backroom policy of the worst.”

“The personal and political interests of two members of Congress should weigh no more than the will of the American people and the best interests of Cubans on the island,” he added.

Although official confirmation is missing, Trump is expected to announce a series of policy changes to Cuba this Friday in Miami that could harden conditions for trade and US travel to the island.

ABC reported Friday that the White House National Security Council (NSC) met that day to reach a final agreement on the proposals it will bring to Trump.

When he came to power in January, Trump ordered his team to make a comprehensive review of the policy of opening to Cuba imposed from December 2014 by Obama.

Among the changes that are being discussed are the prohibition of US companies from negotiating with entities linked to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba and the possibility of imposing more restrictions on US travel to Cuba.

It is also likely that Trump will overturn the presidential directive that Obama issued in 2016 with the aim of strengthening his policy and that served as a guide for the government to make clear the responsibility of each agency in the new relationship with Cuba.

Although Trump is not considering breaking relations or closing the embassy in Cuba, the shuffled changes are far from merely symbolic, according to sources consulted by Efe at the end of May.

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