Thousands of people clothe the families of the 49 “angels” of PulsE

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Orlando today to remember the 49 “angels” who lost their lives in the massacre perpetrated a year ago at the gay club Pulse and support relatives in their grief.

The central act of the act was the reading of the names of the mortal victims, of which photographs were shown while the sound of a bell was heard and the applause and shouts of love and remembrance on the part of the public.

For each name mentioned came to the stage a person dressed as an angel to fill the tables of winged beings, in a moment charged with emotion that made a lot of those present cry.

Relatives and friends of the deceased and survivors of the tragedy of June 12, 2016 presided over this act, which sang the singer of Latin merengue and pop Olga Tañón.

Boricua, representative of the large Puerto Rican community in Orlando, which was attended by about twenty victims, interpreted a Spanish version of the theme “Hallelujah” along with the group Voces Latinas, to which the audience joined the choirs.

The Grammy Award-winning winner had a message of encouragement for families and friends and asked people to hope.

Actress Peg O’Keef was the one in charge to open this act of solemn tone with a monologue on the hours before the massacre in Pulse in a city that after that night “never will be equal”.

A person gives away free hugs during the event “Orlando Amor – Remembering Our Angels” at the Eola Park in honor of the 49 people who lost their lives in the massacre perpetrated a year ago in the gay discotheque. June 2017, in Orlando, Florida (United States).

In the tribute also participated the uniformed ones who participated in the operation, that resulted in the death of the murderer, Omar Mateen, and more than 50 wounded, through the percussion band and bagpipes of the local Police and of the Firemen of Orlando .

Pulse owner Bárbara Poma, accompanied by the employees of the nightclub, explained that they have formed a “family” and that together with relatives and survivors she has seen the best of the “human being” and have received support from “everything The world “and that with that” love will defeat hate. ”

In this community meeting, in which the city joined to give each other mutual support, there were also moments of joy that the community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBTQ) enjoyed.

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