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Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer promote classic romanticism in digital age

Virtual love, for social networks and the internet, should not corner “classic romanticism” with perfumed letters and real flowers, say the couple of romantic music singers Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer.

“At this time when the couple just sends an ’emoji’ or a text message (by digital means), being romantic seems cheesy and some even say: Ay, look at these old men kissing and walking hand in hand, What ridiculous! “, Told Amfe Miguel, who is also wife Diego Verdaguer.

“When I was dating my husband I would write love letters, perfum the paper, send kisses with my lips (prints) with lipstick and put petalitos roses,” he recalled.

The pair of Mexican nationalized Argentine artists, Amanda Antonia Miguel Samso, 61, and Miguel Atilio Boccadoro Verdaguer Hernandez, 66, known artistically as Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer, have more than a dozen albums both in solo and duet.

From his albums of ballads, from the time of vinyl records came hits such as “Let’s Make a Deal”, “The Thief”, “He Lied to Me”, “Heart of Paper” or “The Little Things” among others.

“In my family, we are very affectionate, with Diego and my daughters (Ximena and Ana Victoria – famous singer and songwriter from Los Angeles.) We hug and kiss whenever we are together”, confessed the singer who criticized that there are young people who do not converse With their partners or families for being “texteando by phone” cellular.

“Instead of sending messages or emoji on Facebook, Twitter or the cell phone, it is better to see, hug, and feel that desire to say: Oh, what a beautiful thing !, and eat kisses,” he suggested.

The singer, who made the hit song “Así no te amarará” (“This Way Never Loves You”), said she found “nasty” digital whining or fighting between couples in virtual space.

“When I feel like screaming, I screech in my house, because dirty clothes are washed at home, although there are people who resort to venting everything on social networks to achieve a little bit of fame,” said the singer.

In turn, Verdaguer told Efe that “everyday culture evolved by communicating with electronic devices,” but said that “the human essence of man and woman is the same.”

The singer contrasted “the different connotation of a message by e-mail or a letter written by hand and with affection,” and said that in addition “a different film is developed when one personally knows the person we like and then return to see her with Flowers in hand “.

Verdaguer, renowned for his successes as “What would you do?” And “Which of the two will be?”, Opined that romanticism with analog or digital resources “is part of a human need to feel love and to love us.”

“With Amanda we have a relationship of love from teenagers and I usually bring her serenade with mariachis on special dates, the most recent one was for the day of love and friendship, and I often come home with her flowers,” he revealed.

“I am romantic and express what I feel is fundamental with the lyrics of my songs or by electronic means, like ‘Whatsapp’, where I send love messages or dedicate songs to my wife,” he concluded.

The two exponents of romantic music today start “Amanda and Diego Forever”, their US tour with a presentation at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside, California, and tomorrow they will sing at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

The musical show of the tour, which was already presented in Mexico City and Guadalajara, will be taken next week to “The House of Blues” in San Diego and the stage of the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amanda Miguel indicated that during the presentation both she and Verdaguer will alternate the singing of their successes to duet and songs that each took to the first places of the musical lists like Billboard, since they began their races.

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