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The Warriors want to improve their game and increase the advantage over the Cavaliers

The 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals has not affected the Golden State Warriors their winning mentality and make things better when they jump to Wednesday’s Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland to play the third game against the team Local of the Cavaliers.

At the conclusion of the first two games, which the Warriors won broadly, the comment that prevailed among all players of the Golden State team was that “they had to do better things in the field” and that having a 2-0 advantage It meant nothing.

Including some like escort Klay Thompson, who recovered his best touch of wrist, admitted that if he had not had 20 losses of balloon could have even reached the annotation of 150 points.

But the Warriors, although ready and ready to continue on the way to beat all kinds of marks in the competition of the Finals, its great objective is not to carry out the historical collapse that they underwent last year when after also having an advantage of 3 -1 against the Cavaliers, were left without the title.

Faced with that reality within the squad of the Warriors and coach Steve Kerr there is the conviction that can overwhelm any team, beat brands, but the most important is to continue on the winning path and unbeaten (14-0) so far Playoffs

His great confidence and confidence is the presence of forward Kevin Durant, the great acquisition during the summer break, who came to occupy the post of Harrison Barnes, traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

But in addition to star base Stephen Curry is in full form and without any physical problem, which was what happened last year when he fell apart in the last few games.

As if that were not enough, power forward Draymond Green, has matured in his control of impulses, has not fallen into any provocation on the part of the Cavaliers, and the arrival of the Georgian pivot Zaza Pachulia has made them a team with A great defense.

Hence, the Warriors do better basketball, much more spectacular and have all sorts of options when it comes to victory.

“As a team, I do believe that,” said Thompson after completing his first training session in Cleveland. “I think we’re moving the ball very well, we’re shooting at a good pace and our defense has been incredible.”

The Cavaliers are aware of that reality and on arrival in their field must find a way to see how they can counteract all that potential Warriors play.

Last year they did so when they arrived at the Quicken Loans Arena and after losing the first two games for a combined 48 points, in the third resurfaced 120-90 to Golden State, which started the comeback.

“That was last year, and I do not even remember how we felt,” commented Cavaliers star forward LeBron James. “So I try to strengthen the mind, to have it ready and focused on what tomorrow’s match brings. I’m looking forward to it.”

The Warriors lost 20 balls during the second engagement, but made that statistic irrelevant by imposing a record of the final, with 18 triples, to win by 132-113.

It was the second time in the final phase that Golden State has lost at least a score of balls. But in those two games, the attack got at least 120 points.

The numbers left the Warriors with averages of 119 points per game, and a 16.9 mark difference in the winning scorers, who have been progressing.

For the last five games, Golden State has scored 126 points at least and achieved a 52 percent success in the field shots, a whole point machine.

In 2016, the Warriors imposed an NBA mark, with 73 victories in the regular season. Now, they can make history again if they sweep the Cavaliers.

They would be the first undefeated team during the final phase, something that would leave consolidated the return to the phenomenon of the concentration of all the power in a single franchise.

But the Warriors do not want to make any kind of consideration in that regard, nor are they interested in brands, what they are looking for is securing what would be their second league title in the last three years.

“The third game has been difficult for us historically, especially in this arena and therefore we have to give all our effort in the field,” said Curry who faces the Cavaliers in the Finals for the third consecutive year and in all Field advantage. “There is nothing definite.”

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