Mother sues police for tormenting autistic son in Miami shootout

The mother of an autistic young woman who was in the midst of a North Miami (Florida) police shooting in July 2016, in which her therapist was injured, sued the institution today for tormenting the patient during the incident.

According to the lawyers of the mother of Arnaldo Ríos, the policemen insisted on holding, handcuffing and interrogating the young man, although his limitation was evident.

A video of the event shows Rios sitting with a toy truck next to his African American therapist, Charles Kinsey, who is lying with his hands outstretched while telling police that he has no weapon.

Police arrived at the scene after taking a call to the emergency hotline alerting that a person was apparently going to attempt his own life with a gun.

However, officers met Rios, then 26, and his therapist, who was shot by officer Jonathan Aledda.

Kinsey was hit in one of his legs by the shots, although at all times he asked the police around them not to open fire.

The officer was sued last August by Kinsey in a federal court for excessive use of force and illegal detention as well as civil rights violations.

Aledda faces up to five years in prison if convicted of attempted murder and up to one year in prison if convicted of negligent negligence.
Rios’ mother sued several officers, including Aledda, and the North Miami Police.

Ríos’ family lawyer said the young man spent a month after the shooting in a psychology room and that health care costs exceed $ 250,000.

Ríos’s mother seeks a lawsuit for “compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, prejudiced interests and any other relief that the court considers fair and equitable.”

The case of Kinsey had great repercussion in the United States in moments in which there were numerous protests by the police violence of racial dye in the country.

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