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Commissioner Silver admits the need for more rest and denies duopoly in the NBA

NBA commissioner Adam Silver admitted that his organization has several important issues to address in relation to the competition as it is the biggest break that players have asked for and need, as well as the reappearance of the little desired duopoly with two leading teams.

Silver in the matter of rest recognized that his organization works hard to find solutions to the current competition calendar and one of them goes through the programming that have different fields where the teams play.

Turned into venues that can accommodate other cultural, musical and sports activities, Silver said that the NBA when it comes to forming calendars encounter all kinds of difficulties because dates that could allow more players to rest and Are occupied by other events.

“It’s not easy to combine all the elements, but work on that process,” Silver said. “It is one of the fundamental issues of our league because it involves all the levels that make this league ever better and more competitive, such as players, sponsors, television and spectators.”

During the last regular season the important teams, in order to be able to keep to the players stars in better physical conditions when they arrived at the playoffs gave them days of rest, which generated the claim by the television of the necessity to have them like key elements At the time of attracting the interest of the fans.

However he also recalled that this problem has always existed and that playing 82 games each of the 30 teams is something that is not easy to manage.

Neither sees as an easy solution to the phenomenon of teams that no longer have an option to be in the final phase and try to win the fewest matches in such a way that they can acquire more chances of winning the lottery draw.

“From that reality, there has also been a problem with this situation of the university draw, but we sought the formula of the lottery because we thought it could be more valid in deterring the teams from doing that practice, in the end neither Is perfect, “Silver admitted.

The NBA commissioner also acknowledged that the 19-year-old cap of college players to enter into professionalism is not well viewed either by college coaches and athletic directors or by NBA teams.

The first because they see that they can not develop their programs with stability by not having continuity with the best players that get and the owners of the NBA that the majority of the players who arrive at the university draw does not have the basics of the sport of the basketball that are needed To compete at a professional level.

In short, it will be an issue that will have to continue to be discussed among all those involved, but the current system of the 19-year-old cap does not sound right at all.
Where it was categorical Silver was in the fact that there will be no expansion of new franchises within the NBA and that the current 30 teams form a great balance within the league.

In that sense, he rejected that it has reappeared in the NBA the historical duopoly that for decades implanted the dynasties of Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

Now represented by the Golden State Warriors (13-0) so far in the playoffs, including the first game of the NBA Finals and their Cleveland Cavaliers, who are 12-2.

“I think the league does not have to intervene in this sense and although there will be people who want to be more competitive with other teams, in the end they also like to be of excellence with two franchises that have managed to achieve a great level of play,” Said Silver. “That has happened before and is healthy.”

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