Orlando Police Reports Record Footage of Killing in Pulse

Orlando (Florida) police today released several hours of unpublished video footage shot by the cameras of agents who entered the Pulse nightclub on June 12, 2016, where the worst gun killing was perpetrated in the country, 49 dead.

In the images, recorded by the cameras housed in their uniforms, you see the agents entering the premises and you hear the shooting that killed the life of Omar Mateen, an American of Afghan origin and who said to act in the name of the Islamic State ( EI).

Inside the gay nightclub, where Noche Latina was celebrated, there are big blood spots on the floor and how the uniforms take the pulse of several people to know if they are still alive.

The videos released today by the Orlando Sentinel show scenes of chaos inside Pulse as the police decide to enter the premises through a window to end the three hours of kidnapping dozens of people.

In the videos you hear one of the agents say to Mateen: “Show me your hands now, go out with your hands up or you will die” and later the officer is heard asking God to protect him.

With Mateen cornered at one end of the premises, several agents are seen taking hostages and how one of them warns that there must be a score of gunshot wounded.

You can also see how they deal with agent Michael Napolitano after being shot in the head, an officer who saved his life because the bullet hit his metal helmet.

After moments of anguish, and to remove of the place to more people, a great rumble of shots in the interior of Pulse, with which the life of Mateen and of the slaughter is finished.

The assassin, who was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic pistol, said he acted on behalf of the Islamic State, a terrorist group that swore loyalty in his telephone conversations with the police negotiators during the three hours that he remained inside the club with about thirty Of hostages.

During that time he killed or wounded 49 people, mostly Hispanics and especially Puerto Ricans.

Just one year after the bombing, several events in Orlando are planned for June 12 in memory of the victims of the massacre of Pulse, where relatives and friends of the victims will attend.

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