Consultation on the status of P.Rico will have an exhaustive security plan

The consultation on June 11, in which Puerto Ricans will be asked about the relationship with the United States, a non-binding plebiscite, will have an exhaustive security plan to allow all citizens to exercise their right freely.

The main security officials of the Commonwealth met today with the governor, Ricardo Rosselló, to approach positions on the measures to be taken in the face of the consultation.

The meeting was attended by the Superintendent of the Police, Michelle Hernandez de Fraley; The director of the Department of Public Security, Hector Pesquera, and Alfonso Orona, advisor to the governor.

Hernandez de Fraley indicated that the preparations are a measure to be better prepared against possible incidents, given the episodes of violence experienced in recent months on the Caribbean island.

The official referred in particular to the recent altercations registered on the occasion of the indefinite strike of the University of Puerto Rico.

The outcome of the July 11 consultation, such as those of 1967, 1993, 1998 and 2012, lacks any commitment on the part of the US Congress, to which Puerto Rico and its constitution are subject.

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