Merkel welcomes Obama before the Brandenburg Gate before traveling to Brussels

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed former US President Barack Obama to the Berlin Brandenburg Gate earlier this evening with his successor at the White House, Donald Trump, in Brussels at the NATO summit.

Merkel and Obama are leading the main event of the Congress of the German Evangelical Church and will debate tens of thousands of people about the need to take responsibility, at home and in the world, in a “committed democracy.”

The security device in Berlin has been strengthened after the attack in Manchester and more than 2,000 agents watch the event outdoors on this festive day in Germany.

Concrete barriers have been placed around the areas where more people will be concentrated and there are security controls at the accesses to the event, where about 80,000 people are expected.

The Congress of the Evangelical Church, under the motto “Me miras”, foresees about 2,500 acts between today and Sunday, mainly in Berlin, but also in other cities like Wittenberg – the locality in which Luther hung his famous theses, Which are estimated to involve some 140,000 people.

With this act in Berlin, Obama returns to the city where he closed his last European tour as US president last November, days after Trump’s victory against Hillary Clinton.

Following her meeting with Trump, Merkel will fly to Brussels, where Trump is now, to attend the NATO summit.

He will return to coincide with the US president on Friday and Saturday in the Sicilian city of Taormina, where the G7 summit will be held. EFE

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