Ariana Grande suspends her tour after the attack in Manchester, according to TMZ

American singer Ariana Grande has indefinitely suspended her world tour after the terrorist attack last night in Manchester at the end of her concert in that British town, revealed the TMZ portal today.

The 23-year-old Grande will not perform next Thursday in London, as planned, and has decided to paralyze the entire tour at least momentarily, sources close to the artist’s surroundings told TMZ.

In addition to the UK, Grande was planning to give concerts in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland, according to the portal, which says that Ariana is “inconsolable” after what happened.

Shortly after the suicide attack, which killed at least 22 people and injured 59, the singer confessed that she had no words to express her feelings.

“Rota from the bottom of my heart, I’m very sorry, I have no words,” said the pop star in a Twitter message that received more than 83,000 accessions in just ten minutes.

According to witnesses, shortly after Grande left the public and the lights of the pavilion lit, a big explosion caused panic among the attendants, who ran looking for a way out.

“We mourn the lives of the children and loved ones who have been carried away by this cowardly act,” said the pop star’s representative, who thanked his work to the Manchester emergency services that “rushed into danger Help save lives “.


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