Depp and Bardem, confirmed for Universal’s new Monster Tapes

Universal Pictures’ classic universe of monsters will feature a series of new films featuring Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem, the company said in a statement.

This new universe, called by the studio as “Dark Universe”, will launch on June 9 with the arrival of “The Mummy”, a character played by Sofia Boutella in a tape that also appear Tom Cruise, incarnated soldier Nick Morton , And Russell Crowe in the skin of Dr. Jekyll, the character who will serve as anchor of the franchise.

In next installments of this saga, Depp will take care of the personage of the invisible man, whereas Bardem will be Frankenstein.

“We take great pride in the creativity and passion that has inspired the new version of these iconic monsters from Universal and we promise viewers that we will be expanding this series strategically,” said Universal Pictures president Donna Langley.

In addition, the studio announced that the next film in this universe will be “Bride of Frankenstein”, which will arrive in theaters in February 2019 with Bill Condon as director.

“The Bride of Frankenstein is still the most iconic female monster in film history, and that is a product of James Whale’s work in that masterpiece, one of the best films in history,” Condon said.

Alex Kurtzman, director of “The Mummy”, will be in charge of supervising all these projects with screenwriter David Koepp, producer Chris Morgan and filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie.

The franchise will revolve around Prodigium, a mysterious organization led by Dr. Henry Jekyll (Crowe), whose aim is to prevent the population aware of the existence of these monsters, for which it carries out a worldwide operation to locate them , Study them and, if necessary, destroy them.

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