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Church: journalism and priesthood are the most dangerous professions in Mexico

Journalism and the priesthood are already the two most dangerous professions in Mexico, with 33 and 17 dead, respectively, in the current government, said the Catholic Church today in its editorial of the weekly From the Faith.

Under the title “Black Monday”, the Church joined in the condemnation of the murders of journalists Javier Valdez and Jonathan Rodríguez and the attack in which the parish priest José Miguel Machorro was wounded in the Cathedral of Mexico City. last Monday.

“In this sexenio (2012-2018) 33 journalists are fallen, and there are 17 priests who have ceased to exist under violent circumstances,” the editorial said.

He lamented that violence not only ceases but also “is uncontainable” as demonstrated on May 15 when “mourning covered two arms that make our society strong against corruption, impunity and crime.”

Valdez was assassinated in Culiacán, state of Sinaloa; Rodriguez, in the western state of Jalisco, and Machorro was seriously wounded when he was attacked during Mass at the Cathedral.

The Church condemned violence against journalists and priests as “bureaucrats make tables and more tables of barren dialogues” because “reality has passed them, they are perplexed, they do not know how to get out of the abyss.”

The journalists died for revealing to the society “the alarming relations between the crime and the authorities that have been corrupted by the power of the enemy,” he added.

He denounced that now, the priests are also the target of the crime “for being uncomfortable in the prophetic task of announcing and denouncing, accused the Church in the weekly article.

He called it impossible to trust that the authorities will punish those responsible because “reality says something else” since 99% of crimes against journalists remain unpunished, and the same can be said of the deprived priests. “

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