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Artists of Puerto Rico and Dominicana Republic embellish with murals sector of San Juan

Puerto Rican and Dominican artists work several murals in the sanjuanero sector of Puerta de Tierra, as part of the Biennial of Urban Art of the Caribbean “ExtraMuros”, with the aim of uniting the countries of the zone.

Dominicans Angurria, the duo Modafoca and Willy Gomez, and the Puerto Ricans Zuania Minier and Damaris Cruz make up the group that will intervene until next day 27 in the San Andrés and Pelayo Streets, in an initiative of the Museum of the Americas, in the Old San Juan, and organized by the artist Mario E. Ramírez Capellá.

“This is a very motivating and positive initiative for the union of the two lands,” said Gómez, 38, while working on his work on Calle San Andrés, where he also made his mural the Modafoca duo, composed of Jorge González And Ian Víctor.

“I work with the theme of women, with the local beauty, and I try to look for a mixture between the two cultures with women, an intermediate to embrace both lands,” said Gomez, who has made other murals in Cuba and in the provinces Your Dominican Republic.

Ramírez Capellá, for his part, explained to Efe that the purpose of this event was to bring Dominican artists to the sister island and to continue inviting other artists from other Caribbean countries such as Cuba, Jamaica, the Lesser Antilles, Latin America and the municipalities islands Puerto Ricans Vieques and Culebra.

“And so we want to unite Latin American countries, continue to mount the event and grow more and more,” said Ramírez Capellá, who directs Tostfilms, which for more than five years has been filming videos of murals in various countries.

He also said that “ExtraMuros” serves as an instrument “to create culture in Puerto Rico”.

Angurria, who has been carrying this artistic name for twenty years, separating him from his original – Omar García – detailed to Efe that his mural, titled “Doña Patria”, was dedicated to his mother, a professional hairdresser, for the tradition of the Dominican woman of Go weekly to the hairdresser to cheer your hair.

“The intention of the event is excellent for the union between both islands.” The mural is in honor of the Dominican beauty and my mother, “said Angurria, who has also painted in New York and Jamaica.

Modafoca, meanwhile, has been working on his mural with Gómez dedicated, as they explained to Efe, about “the origin” of humanity, but specifically, the brotherhood between Puerto Ricans and Dominicans.

“It’s the door to simple life, and we found the collaboration between the two islands interesting,” explained González, who together with Victor has been producing murals in public spaces for three years and next Thursday will present a piece in the exhibition “Bien Heavy” .

The Museum of the Americas, directed by María Angela López Vilella, detailed in a press release that for the biennial aims to be a support instrument for the revitalization of Puerta de Tierra.

The biennial will conclude next 25th in Cerra Street, in the capital of Santurce, with a musical presentation by the group Rumba Callejera, and where the artist Zuania Minier will offer creative workshops to the children of the community.

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