Trump supporters defend anti-immigrant policies on May 1st

Dozens of supporters of President Donald Trump, including several Latinos, with messages of full support for their anti-immigrant policies, demonstrated today against the marches convened in Los Angeles to protest against the actions of the White House.

“The first day of May is when Mexicans (illegal immigrants) leave the streets to protest and that’s why we are here, by the people of the United States, against the illegal people of Mexico,” said Efe Raymond Herrera of the organization We The People America.

The demonstration began early hours in front of the federal immigration building in Los Angeles, chosen by conservative demonstrators as a sign of support for the work and operations of agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

It is precisely that kind of hard-hitting government policy that is supported by protesters like Mexico’s Jesse Macías.

One of the main complaints of this immigrant, a native of Chihuahua, is the legalization that the undocumented immigrants are asking because he considers it in total opposition to the immigration logic that forces immigrants who want to legally emigrate to wait for years.

“I do not agree that a relative of mine is waiting eight years to come, and that an immigrant crosses and then says here I am giving me my papers.No, let it get in the line!” Said Macias.

The issue of undocumented immigration was also the reason Elsa Aldeguer, a spokeswoman for the Make California Great Again organization, came to El Salvador to attend the rally to support the Republican leader.

The Hispanic woman, who also supports the construction of the border wall with Mexico, said that this struggle has become personal since she was unemployed last year and has seen jobs being held by undocumented workers who receive lower wages.

“Many people come to this country with no experience, no education and do what I do for much less money, what President Trump is doing favors us all,” he warned.

In Southern California, demonstrations by Trump supporters, who have been at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), in front of City Hall and even in the cabildos held by Democratic congressmen in Their districts.

“We want to have presence everywhere and create support chains to see that Trump has its followers and we will support it everywhere,” Efe Jazmina Saavedra, a spokeswoman for Latinos For Trump, told Efe.

Also, on the other hand, just as conservative groups have chosen to take their voice to pro-immigrant calls, the ANTIFA (Anti-Fascism) collective has dedicated itself to follow them and try to take their actions.

For this reason, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), in the face of the possibility of confrontations, deployed about 50 agents to prevent the groups from making contact.
“The people who are here in the United States illegal, it is against the law that they go out to make a protest,” shouted Herrera in front of a group of people trying to provoke them.

Trump’s followers announced a new demonstration for May 5 – in reference to the Mexican celebration in commemoration of the Battle of Puebla – and promised to continue their strategy of confronting all pro-immigrant calls.
“I think we all deserve an opportunity and we should give the president a chance,” Aldeguer concluded.

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