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Multitudinous marches against Trump’s climate skepticism

Thousands of people across the country again marched on President Donald Trump, in this case to denounce the “setback” in environmental matters and the effects of his government’s skepticism about global warming in the climate and health of the Citizens.

“We are going back not only to the era of President Barack Obama (2009-2017), but rather that of former President George W. Bush (2001-2009). We come out to protest that it is the polluters, the oil industry, who Policies, “Adrianna Quintero, executive director of the group” Voes Verdes “from California, told Efe in Washington.

Early in the morning, protesters gathered near the US Congress. In the capital, where the most numerous march was recorded, and shortly after noon they began to march through the streets of the city and to surround the White House.

Quintero stressed that it is “a very important moment” since “it is no secret that Trump is not interested in the future of the planet.”

With thousands of slogans in favor of the environment and the president, thousands of demonstrators gathered under a scorching sun the city’s main thoroughfares, a week after another similar demonstration by the scientific community, which denounced Research cuts.
“We do not have a planet B”, “Climate change is real” or “There is no work on a dead planet”, were some of the songs heard.

Among the participants in the protest were characters known as actor Leonardo DiCaprio and ex-president Al Gore, who will culminate with an event this afternoon before the Washington obelisk.

Similar marches were also produced in other cities of the country such as Boston, Los Angeles, Miami or Chicago.

The demonstration coincides with the 100th day in power of Trump, whose government has not concealed its suspicion of climate change and has reversed numerous environmental protection measures promoted by its predecessor Barack Obama.

Earlier this week, the president signed an executive order to review Obama’s ban on allowing oil exploration off the country’s coastline, which could open areas of the Arctic or Gulf of Mexico to new wells.

Trump emphasizes giving priority to economic growth in the face of concerns of environmental groups.

Just today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has removed information on climate change from its Internet portal to reflect “the perspective of the new government.”
Trump-appointed EPA director Scott Pruitt has repeatedly voiced skepticism about the scientific evidence behind global warming.

Pruitt has indicated that there is “a great disagreement about the level of impact of human activity on the climate” and rejected “being one of the main responsible for global warming.”
Pruitt’s predecessor in office, Gina McCarthy, who joined the Miami march noted that “air and water pollution affects the most vulnerable – our children, low-income areas and communities of color.”

“As our seas rise, we must raise our voices together, and strengthen our resolve to address climate change,” McCarthy said.

At the moment, Trump has not commented on the multitudinous march, but he may do so tonight when he plans to perform in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) to highlight the achievements recorded during his first hundred days at the helm.

The new US government is currently weighing whether it remains or leaves the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which seeks to change the model of development of the planet towards a fossil fuel free.

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