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Televisa’s net income increased 90.4% in the first quarter

Grupo Televisa’s net income totaled 1,868.6 million Mexican pesos (US $ 97.2 million) in the first quarter of 2017, an increase of 90.4% over the same period of last year.

From January to March, net income attributable to shareholders was Ps. 1,350.4 million (US $ 70.2 million), compared to Ps. 600.4 million (Ps. 31.2 million) reported in the first quarter of 2016, Televisa said in its report.

This increase mainly reflected a favorable change of 1,475.2 million pesos (76.7 million dollars) in the gain or loss due to exchange rate fluctuation as a result of the appreciation of the Mexican peso and a decrease of 101.5 million pesos (5 , 8 million dollars) in other expenses.

Net sales in the first quarter increased 2% compared to the same period in 2016, reaching 22,177.1 million pesos (1,154.4 million dollars).

The company attributed this increase mainly to the growth of the Cable and Sky segments.

Televisa is the largest media group in the Spanish-speaking world based on its market capitalization and a major player in the global entertainment business.

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