Wall Street closes with strong earnings and another Nasdaq record

Wall Street closed today with strong gains and another historical record of the Nasdaq index, while the Dow Jones Industrialists rose more than 230 points, driven by a good batch of business results.

At the close of trading, the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 0.70% to 6,025.49 points, at levels never seen before; The Dow Jones advanced 1.12% to 20,996.12 whole and the selective S & P 500 advanced 0.61% to 2.388,61 units.

Traders opted to buy all day, thanks to a batch of general results that improved all forecasts, which led the Nasdaq to conquer the 6,000 points for the first time and the Dow to momentarily recover the 21,000.

The big surprise came from heavy machinery maker Caterpillar, which far exceeded expectations and its stock soared 7.86%, while McDonald’s and DuPont also met and rose 5.57% and 3.58% % Respectively.

The other side of the coin was Coca-Cola, who returned to disappoint with its eighth consecutive quarter of losses and 1,200 new layoffs and their shares fell by 0.39%, while 3M did not finish convincing but closed with a rise of 0.46%.

In the end, all sectors ended up with gains, among which energy (0.90%), health (0.68%), technology (0.67%), financial (0.66%), Of raw materials (0.54%) or industrial (0.49%).

Along with Caterpillar, McDonald’s and DuPont, Goldman Sachs (1.53%), Disney (1.30%), UnitedHealth (0.99%) or JPMorgan (0.87%) also rose, while on the other side only Verizon (-0.74%), General Electric (-0.34%), IBM (-0.22%) and Nike (-0.04%).

At the close of trading, Texas oil rose to $ 49.70, gold fell to $ 1,264.8, yielding 10-year government debt rose to 2.344 percent, and the dollar lost ground to the euro, which Changed to $ 1,0938.


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