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López Obrador congratulates Sheinbaum for his victory in the presidential elections in Mexico

He highlights that “she is going to be the first president of Mexico in 200 years” and affirms that the elections “put Mexico’s name back on high.”

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has congratulated the official candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, for her victory “with a wide margin” in the presidential elections held on Sunday and has praised the “democratic vocation” shown by the population during the election day, after the publication of the quick count of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

López Obrador has published on his account on the social network margin”. “She is going to be the first president of Mexico in 200 years, since 1824,” he highlighted.

Thus, he has emphasized that Sheinbaum will also be “the president, possibly, with the most votes obtained in the entire history of the country” and has been “proud to be president of an exemplary people, the people of Mexico.”

“Today’s election day demonstrated that ours is a highly politicized people. A people with a democratic vocation, democracy understood as the power of the people for the people and with the people. Democracy with a social dimension,” he highlighted, before transferring a “loving, affectionate hug” to the population. “The name of Mexico was once again put on high. It is a pride to be Mexican,” he concluded.

Sheinbaum has already highlighted that she will be “the first female president of Mexico” after the elections and has revealed that her two rivals, Xóchitl Gálvez and Jorge Álvarez Maínez, have telephoned her to acknowledge her defeat. In addition, she has expressed her special gratitude for the congratulations conveyed by López Obrador, whom she has described as “an exceptional, unique man who has transformed the history of our country for the better.”

Shortly before, the president of the INE, Guadalupe Taddei, had indicated that Sheinbaum has obtained between 58.3 and 60.7 percent of the support, while Gálvez has obtained between 26.6 and 28.6 percent. of the ballots. In third place is Jorge Álvarez Máynez, with between 9.9 and 10.8 percent of the support.

More than 99.5 million Mexicans were called to the polls in the largest elections in their history, with more than 20,000 positions at stake, including the composition of the new Congress, made up of almost 630 seats between the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. All of this in the midst of a campaign also marked by violence, in which around thirty candidates have been murdered.

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