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Trump declares himself a “political prisoner” while asking his supporters for donations for the election campaign

The tycoon’s lawyer says he will appeal the ruling “as soon as possible”

The former president of the United States Donald Trump has declared himself a “political prisoner” after becoming the first former president of the country to be found guilty, in his case for the bribery case of the former porn actress ‘Stormy Daniels’, while he has He asked his supporters for donations for the electoral campaign ahead of the presidential elections, which will be held in November.

“Breaking news: I am a political prisoner,” can be read on the fundraising page to which the magnate’s campaign team redirects. On this website there is a poster in which he states that he has just “been convicted in a politically rigged witch hunt trial.” “I didn’t do anything wrong,” he asserts.

“They searched my house, they arrested me, they took my mugshot. And now they just convicted me. Corrupt Joe Biden (US President) needs to get the message, here and now, that his chances of a second term end today. So that happens, our immediate response must be so massive that it will go down in history,” he said.

The Republican has asked “ten million pro-Trump patriots to contribute” and say they support him. “At this dark moment in history, I humbly ask you to please support me now. Together we will take back the White House and Make America Great Again (MAGA).

In addition, a message appears indicating that “no matter how many lies and attacks” are directed at him, Trump “will never surrender” his “great country to the tyranny of the left.” “Democrats will spend billions of dollars to try to stop our movement, and we count on your support to finish what we started,” he said.

Thus, he has asked for donations to “dismantle the deep state, take back the White House and Save America in 2024.” “Please consider completing his contribution today,” reads the sign that can be accessed, after being inactive for about an hour.

Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, announced in an interview with CNN that the legal team was prepared for a conviction and that they will file motions in the coming weeks. “If we are not successful with that, then we will appeal as soon as possible,” he has said, since the ruling will be published on July 11.

Blanche has explained that they will argue that the jury was biased against Trump and that the timing of the trial was unfair. “We think that because of everything leading up to this trial, it was very difficult for the jury to independently evaluate the evidence because of what they knew was going to happen,” he said.

Likewise, he has explained that the former president wanted to testify, but that in the end he did not speak out because he trusted his legal team. “I wanted his story to be made public. Ultimately, it is his decision and he listened to us, he trusted our lawyers. The decision came that he thought was correct, with which I very much agree,” he said. .

Trump, who upon leaving the room stated that “the true verdict will be on November 5 by the people,” has announced that he will hold a press conference this Friday, after being found guilty of 34 counts of forgery of commercial records within a plot in which he would have tried to hide the payment of $130,000 to the former porn actress ‘Stormy Daniels’ to buy her silence.

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