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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. fails in his attempt to represent the Libertarian Party in the US presidential elections

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy (JFK), has garnered the support of just 19 Libertarian Party delegates to present his candidacy for the White House ahead of the US presidential elections, scheduled for beginnings of November.

Thus, Kennedy Jr. has managed to convince just two percent of the delegates at the party convention held in Washington. Known for his opposition to vaccines and his defense of conspiracy theories, Kennedy Jr. gave a speech on Friday at the aforementioned convention.

Kennedy Jr., who had already acknowledged that he had no intention of running for the Libertarian Party, took advantage of that showcase to discuss with former President Donald Trump, who also spoke at the event although he will actually run for election under the umbrella of the Party. Republican.

JFK’s nephew will continue his path to the White House independently and taking advantage of his projection as an anti-system figure contrary to the country’s main parties. Polls give him almost eight percent of the votes, which could harm both Trump and President Joe Biden, who is running for reelection for the Democratic Party, in some scenarios.

The Libertarian Party is running as an alternative to the pairing formed by Republicans and Democrats that throughout history has shared not only the US Presidency, but also the overwhelming majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Thus, the Libertarian Party has chosen activist Chase Oliver as its candidate for the Presidency of the United States. “We did it! I am officially the presidential candidate. It is time to unite and advance for freedom,” Oliver said on his social networks.

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