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The Supreme Court of Arizona (USA) delays the application of the 1864 law that prohibits abortion

The Supreme Court of the US state of Arizona has accepted this Monday the request of state prosecutor Kris Mayes to delay the application of an 1864 law that prohibits and punishes abortion with up to five years in prison in all cases except when the life of the mother is in danger.

In this way, the court has granted 90 days of suspension, which means that it cannot be applied until August 12. Combined with a separate court case, which allows him to postpone it for 45 days, the suspension will be in effect until September 26. This situation gives Mayes time to consider appealing the case to the US Supreme Court.

“I appreciate that the Arizona Supreme Court stayed enforcement of the 1864 law and granted our motion to stay the order in this case for another 90 days. During this period, my office will consider the best course of legal action to pursue. from now on, including a possible petition for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court,” reads a statement.

The prosecutor has stressed that “this case was decided wrongly and that there are issues that deserve additional judicial review.” “I will do everything I can to ensure that doctors can provide medical care to their patients according to their best judgment, not according to the beliefs of the men elected to the territorial legislature 160 years ago,” she concluded.

The position on abortion is one of the aspects with which the Democratic Party has been able to gain ground, especially after the Supreme Court of the United States – dominated by Republicans – annulled the ‘Roe vs Wade’ case in May 2022. , giving free rein to states to restrict and even ban abortion.

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