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Criminal leader Jimmy Chérizier demands “detailed” plan for peace in Haiti

He ignores Caricom as a mediating organization and warns of “massacres” if the Kenyan contingent ends up deployed in the country

Haitian criminal leader Jimmy Chérizier, alias ‘Barbecue’, has demanded that the international community present him with a “detailed” plan for the future of the country as the only measure to resolve the enormous crisis of violence it is going through at a time when gangs of criminals have taken control of much of Port-au-Prince and its surroundings.

Three weeks ago Chérizier announced the mafia alliance known as Viv Ansanm (Living Together), a coalition that has managed to oust Prime Minister Ariel Henry from power, replaced by a Presidential Transition Council that has promised to stop the violence, in part through of the deployment of an international force led by Kenya, currently on pause after the president’s resignation.

Chérizier, in an exclusive interview with the British network Sky News, has warned that “the days to come are going to bring with them worse things than there are now”, before rejecting the intervention of the Caribbean Community, Caricom, as a mediating organization. . “I respect them a lot but they are not representatives of the needs of ordinary people and they do nothing more than allow corrupt oligarch politicians to continue controlling the country,” ‘Barbecue’ denounced.

Chérizier has insisted that “the international community present a detailed plan so that we can all sit down and talk” although he has warned that he will not tolerate “impositions” on the decision-making capacity of the Haitian people.

Regarding the possible deployment of Kenya, Chérizier has warned of a bloodbath if these security forces end up intervening in the country. “To begin with, I believe that if Kenyans come here it is to massacre the poor, because that is the order they will receive from the oligarchs and corrupt politicians, but the weapons we have in our hands are going to prevent it.”

“The Kenyan security forces will be considered invaders and we will deal with them as with anyone who dares to trample on our independence,” he warned.

The interview was published a day after the United Nations Human Rights Office published a new report this Thursday in which it calls for “immediate” actions to address the “cataclysmic” situation in Haiti as a result of the “serious” crisis of insecurity, which has left the authorities “on the brink of collapse.”

“Addressing insecurity must be one of the main priorities to protect the population and prevent further human suffering,” said the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, in a statement.

The report documents an increase in the number of victims due to gang violence in 2023: a total of 4,451 dead and 1,668 injured. Furthermore, in the first three months of 2024 alone, 1,554 deaths and 826 injuries have been recorded, as of March 22.

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