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The DJI Mic 2 microphone arrives with omnidirectional recording and ANC technology, from 219 euros

DJI has announced the launch of its new DJI Mic 2 microphone, an audio solution that comes with omnidirectional recording capabilities and intelligent noise cancellation (ANC) technology, which can now be purchased from 219 euros.

The manufacturer explained that this device “represents a leap forward in audio recording technology” and provides content creators with “the tools they need to capture extraordinary audio,” in the words of DJI’s Product Line Manager. , Paul Pan.

DJI Mic 2 is a microphone equipped with a 1.1-inch OLED touch screen that offers omnidirectional recording capabilities optimized for voice quality, ensuring high-quality sound regardless of the environment in which it is used.

It is also equipped with ANC technology, which reduces ambient noise with the aim of offering clear voices and uninterrupted audio recordings, as well as a windscreen, to reduce its noise and ensure clean sound in windy scenarios.

DJI has commented that the microphone also comes with magnetic attachment and that the transmitters have a clip-on design, which simplifies the process of attaching them to clothing.

This microphone also offers the Safety Track feature, which allows content creators to record a second track at -6 decibels (dB) alongside the main audio track to protect against unexpected audio level spikes.

Available in black (Shadow Black) and white (Pearl White), DJI Mic 2 can be used anytime, anywhere, so users only have to open the charging case for use, and connect it to a smartphone. ‘ by Bluetooth.

It can also be connected to the DJI Osmo Action 4 and DJI Osmo Pocket 3 portable cameras, is compatible with different recording devices via USB-C and Lightning adapters, and has a 3.5mm TRS analog output.

This product has 8GB of internal memory for each transmitter, to offer up to 14 hours of uncompressed audio recording at 48 kHz and 24 bits. It also integrates a 32-bit floating internal recording capability, generating high-quality audio and adapting to complex environments to capture the nuances of sounds, from whispers to thunderous decibel levels.

The brand has also said that the microphone has a maximum audio transmission range of up to 250 meters and that each receiver and each transmitter have a battery life of six hours, expandable up to 18 hours with the charging case.

DJI Mic 2 can now be purchased in the firm’s store and at authorized dealers in different configurations. DJI Mic 2 (1 TX + 1 RX), priced at 219, includes a DJI Mic 2 receiver and transmitter, a 2.5mm TRS camera audio cable, a Type-C adapter, another Lightning adapter, a windshield, a magnetic clasp, a charging divider cable and a carrying case.

The most advanced version is DJI Mic 2 (2TX + 1RX), with a receiver, two transmitters, a camera case, a 3.5mm TRS audio cable, a Type-C mobile phone adapter, another Lightning adapter, two windscreens, two magnetic snaps, a charging cable and a carrying bag; It sells for 349 euros.

DJI has added that the transmitter can be purchased in the two available colors for 99 euros each. Likewise, the DJI lavalier microphone is priced at 39 euros and the charging case is 69 euros.

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