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The Ecuadorian Army detains 329 “terrorists” in 24 hours

Ecuadorian authorities confirm that at least 139 prison officers are held in five prisons

The countries of the Brasilia Consensus join "efforts to combat in a coordinated manner this scourge that affects the entire region"

The commander of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, Admiral Jaime Vela, has stated that in the last 24 hours agents have detained 329 suspected terrorists linked to criminal organizations, while they have killed five “terrorists” since the declaration of conflict. internal armed forces due to the violence unleashed in the country.

Likewise, the Army has rescued 41 people who were kidnapped and recaptured 25 prisoners who had escaped from different prisons in the country, all in more than 280 military operations for which 22,400 military personnel have been deployed nationwide, according to a statement.

However, according to official figures, it is worth noting that at least 139 prison officials are held in five prisons in the country – Azuay, Cañar, Napo, Tungurahua and Cotopaxi -, although their health status is unknown, reports the Ecuadorian newspaper ‘ The universe’.

The agents, in turn, have seized 61 firearms, 418 ammunition of different calibers, 24 explosive devices, nine boats, 195 vehicles, nearly twenty communication equipment and 23 kilograms of “substances subject to control.”

The order from the Government of Ecuador to establish a state of emergency following the escape from prison of the head of Los Choneros, José Adolfo Macías, alias ‘Fito’, has unleashed chaos in a country that has been suffering for years from an unprecedented increase in insecurity due to the activity of armed groups. The spiral of violence, which has claimed the lives of at least ten people, including two police officers, led the president, Daniel Noboa, to declare, under decree, Ecuador is experiencing an “internal armed conflict.”

After this, the international community has shown its support for the president and the Ecuadorian people, condemning the “criminal acts.” The member countries of the Brasilia Consensus, a mechanism to strengthen ties between South American countries, have expressed their “most energetic rejection of the violence committed by groups related to organized crime” and have conveyed “their explicit and unequivocal support and solidarity to the people and authorities of Ecuador, a member country of the consensus, in their fight against the actions of organized crime.”

“The Brasilia Consensus will unite efforts to combat in a coordinated manner this scourge that affects the entire region, under the principles of International Law and the internal laws of each South American country. We hope for a prompt restoration of security and public order in the framework of the rule of law and the current institutions in Ecuador, with attachment and respect for democracy and human rights,” reads a joint statement.

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