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YouTube’s mobile app deploys new templates to convert long videos into Shorts

YouTube has announced new features in its version for mobile devices, where you can now use new template designs that allow you to adapt the content of long videos into Shorts.

Shorts is YouTube’s short video format, with which the platform allows you to record and share videos of 60 seconds or less with your mobile. It is also possible to convert long videos into this format, with a tool that also introduces options to speed up or slow down the recording speed, add filters and subtitle videos, among other actions.

This tool now has new templates. The company has explained that, to use them, you must choose the ‘Remix’ option and choose ‘Edit in a Short’. Next, you must choose the part of the video you want to upload and click on the ‘Template’ button.

Within this section the ‘Single’ options are shown, to display the content in vertical format, and ‘Square’, to offer it in a square mode. Likewise, the ‘Split 1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ options are introduced to divide the video into as many parts as required. You can also zoom in on different parts of a video.

For example, if you want to transform a video game streaming into Shorts, you can split the screen in two and enter the game at the top, while at the top you can include the streamer commenting and reacting to the plays. .

Finally, the company has explained that to launch the new video in the mobile application, the editing process must be completed and uploaded to the platform as if it were new content with the chosen configuration.

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